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Delphine Pinault - Country Director
Delphine Pinault - Country Director

Thank you for visiting the online “home” of CARE International in Uganda. This website is a demonstration of our work and commitment to ending poverty and social injustice, especially among women and girls. At CARE, we support women and girls to overcome inequality and fulfil their potential.

In Uganda, and with our colleagues in the Great Lakes region (CARE DRC, CARE Burundi, CARE Rwanda, CARE South Sudan), we work on eradicating Gender Based Violence and helping to build a society where women and girls will no longer suffer from physical, sexual and emotional violence.
We are doing so by supporting women and girls to find and develop their inner strengths and by helping them to address the many barriers they face, with a focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Food Nutrition Security and Climate Resilience and Economic Empowerment.

We believe in collective action to change the world so we work with a wide range of partners, including donors, other international NGOs, national and local NGOs, CBOs with a focus on women led organizations, Government institutions at national and decentralized levels, private sector organisations, research organizations. With our partners and led by the views, ideas and aspirations of Uganda women and girls, we continuously challenge ourselves to come up with scalable approaches and models that have a lasting impact on addressing the root causes of women and girls’ abject poverty and discrimination in Uganda.

As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible by a wide audience, we have designed a more navigable website with additional resources, better tools and a new visual design to support the use of our work. Please send us your feedback on the website design but, most important, send us your ideas about our work.

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CARE International in Uganda has embarked on a journey to develop the current Business Plan that outlines the strategic goals for the next five years.

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Uganda: Country Statistics

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    62.3 years
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