Poor and vulnerable women and girls at high risk of abuse and exploitation.

While CARE is a strong defender of gender equality, our focus remains on women and girls as our “impact groups” because we recognise the more acute discrimination and various forms of abuse they suffer from in comparison to their male counterparts. Many Ugandan men and boys also suffer from various forms of deprivation, neglect and abuse. Women and girls however, are at a much greater disadvantage simply because of their gender in a patriarchal society that attributes more value to men and boys.

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Business Plan 2021-2025

CARE International in Uganda has embarked on a journey to develop the current Business Plan that outlines the strategic goals for the next five years.

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Uganda: Country Statistics

  • Population:
  • Life Expectancy:
    62.3 years
  • % Of Pop Female:
  • Aged 0 - 14: