A young woman enjoys the fruits of her labour.

Economic Development

Beyond Banking

Where formal banks aren’t an option, CARE savings and loan groups, financial training and market linkages help families, farmers and small businesses succeed.

Women's Empowerment

As part of our holistic approach to fighting poverty, we work with men and boys to engage them in discussions about gender equality and violence so they can become champions of change in their communities.

Emergency Response

Responding to Emergencies & Helping Communities Prepare

We work with communities to prepare for and mitigate the impact of disasters. We partner with local groups to provide immediate assistance when an emergency hits and we work with survivors, especially women and children, to help them recover after the crisis has passed.

Engaging Men and Boys

We’re Engaging Men and Boys in the Fight against Poverty

CARE fights poverty around the world by empowering girls and women. Girls and women are disproportionately affected by poverty, so fighting poverty effectively requires focus on them. But boys and men are and will always remain central to CARE’s work.

Climate Change

Climate change’s effects on women and girls
Women often bear the brunt of poverty around the world, and climate change affects them especially. When access to necessary resources, such as water, food or cooking fuel, is limited, women are forced to work harder and longer to provide for their families. We see this time and again in hard-hit areas. In developing countries, more than two-thirds of women in the labour force work in agriculture.


Our programs build on and are inspired by – the vital roles that women play in smallholder agriculture around the world, meeting the food needs of their households and contributing to the development and growth of their livelihoods and sustainable futures for their households and communities.

Featured Publication

Business Plan 2021-2025

CARE International in Uganda has embarked on a journey to develop the current Business Plan that outlines the strategic goals for the next five years.

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