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Welcome to CARE International in Uganda!

Established in 1969, CARE Uganda targets the most vulnerable communities, with a special focus on poor women and girls, who are the most at risk of rights’ abuse and exploitation.

Reaching 705,000 direct beneficiaries to date, our three programs, across 62 districts, consistently address the key drivers of poverty and social injustice in Uganda, namely prevailing gender inequality, widespread corruption and poor governance, and lastly the growing threat of climate change.

The poorest women and girls often find themselves at the nexus of these three drivers in a vicious circle of poverty.

CARE International in Uganda strives empowers to women and girls so they can grow to their full potential
CARE International in Uganda strives empowers to women and girls so they can grow to their full potential!

CARE International in Uganda empowers poor women and girls so they can continue to grow!

These drivers are addressed by empowering women and girls to gain the skills and confidence needed for their development by facilitating inclusive and participatory governance at various levels with attention to women’s participation, through policy and evidence-based advocacy and by building communities’ capacity to adapt to climate change and strengthen their resilience with a deliberate nutrition sensitive approach.

Thanks to its dual long-term development as well as humanitarian mandate, CARE is able to support women and girls throughout the aid continuum. In addition to tackling the underlying drivers of poverty, each program focuses on a particular theme: the Northern Uganda Women Empowerment Program (NUWEP) has a conflict component that addresses conflicts at community and family level, including Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The Women Empowerment in Natural Resources Governance (WENG) program is focused on ensuring women’s and girls’ voices are included in the governance of the natural resources they depend upon for their survival. The Women and Youth Financial Inclusion Program (WAYFIP) builds on CARE’s well known Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) as a platform to facilitate access to financial services, including linking groups and individuals to formal banks through innovative and affordable products.

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Business Plan 2021-2025

CARE International in Uganda has embarked on a journey to develop the current Business Plan that outlines the strategic goals for the next five years.

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Uganda: Country Statistics

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  • Life Expectancy:
    62.3 years
  • % Of Pop Female:
  • Aged 0 - 14:
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